Expansion continues with four new states

Prep Network completed a busy stretch of expansion with the addition of four new states to the network over the past two weeks, with expansions of Prep Girls Hoops and Prep Dig.

Prep Dig Illinois launched the seventh state, Prep Dig Illinois, with Brian Gibboney as the senior contributor. Gibboney was aided by Prep Dig General Manager Chris Fitzgerald who contributor thorough player rankings after a summer on the club volleyball circuit.

Prep Girls Hoops launched three new states: Prep Girls Hoops Florida, Prep Girls Hoops Nebraska, and Prep Girls Hoops Colorado. They’re led by Brandon Fisher, Marty Plum, and Brad Cochi, respectively.

“Expansion is a team effort,” Communications Manager Jared Nelson said. Nelson worked closely with all of the new contributors to get them up to speed on Prep Network content standards, posting processes, and more. “The contributors are the ones putting in the time researching, networking and writing. It’s a rewarding process here at HQ getting to walk alongside them as their work culminates in a valuable resource for the high school athletics community in their area.”

He also cited the work from the graphics and development team to prepare the new sites for release as an essential part for a successful launch.

With the additions, Prep Network has grown to 57 total websites across three sports (31 Prep Hoops, 19 Prep Girls Hoops, and 7 Prep Dig).