Our Team

Our Team

We’re self-motivated people with a passion for learning and improving, and we work every day to make an impact on the lives of student athletes. Meet the powerhouse individuals who bring their A-game to every interaction, from strategic planning and game-day execution to content creation and customer experience.


  • Nick Carroll

    Nick Carroll


  • Jake Phillips

    Jake Phillips


Business Operations

  • Dan Schneider

    Dan Schneider

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Danielle Hall

    Danielle Hall

    People Operations Manager

  • Julie Hanken

    Julie Hanken

    Office Manager

Digital + Content

  • Jared Nelson

    Jared Nelson


  • Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia

    Senior Editor

  • Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald

    National Analyst

  • Duvalier Johnson

    Duvalier Johnson

    Content Specialist

  • J.R. Eskilson

    J.R. Eskilson

    National Analyst

  • Vic Castillo

    Vic Castillo

    Northeast National Analyst

  • Peter Zurn

    Peter Zurn

    Content Manager

  • Jared Martinson

    Jared Martinson

    Content Specialist

  • Oliver West

    Oliver West

    Midwest Scouting Analyst

  • AL Pops

    AL Pops

    National Scouting Director

  • Ty Xanders

    Ty Xanders

    Prep Lacrosse National Analyst

  • Jake Lemming

    Jake Lemming

    Prep Redzone General Manager

  • Beck Page

    Beck Page

    Subscriber Journey + Marketing Analyst

  • Scott Burgess

    Scott Burgess

    National Analyst


  • Andrew Krupke

    Andrew Krupke

    Director of Events

  • Jenna Wetzel

    Jenna Wetzel

    Customer Experience Manager

  • Emily Somerville

    Emily Somerville

    Prep Girls Hoops Event Sales Director

  • Matt Wiitala

    Matt Wiitala

    Event Operations Manager

  • Vince Calistro

    Vince Calistro

    Prep Redzone Event Director

  • Ryan James

    Ryan James

    National Analyst + Event Director

  • Michelle Bamford

    Michelle Bamford

    Prep Dig Business Relationship Manager

  • David Leafblad

    David Leafblad

    Prep Hoops Business Development Manager

  • Craig Karus

    Craig Karus

    Director of Sport Experiences

  • Taylor Borgerding

    Taylor Borgerding

    Customer Experience Associate

  • Dillon Bergloff

    Dillon Bergloff

    Event Operations Specialist

  • Nate Albers

    Nate Albers

    Event Operations Specialist

  • Jake Schley

    Jake Schley

    Event Operations Specialist

  • Marice "Aice" De Jesus

    Marice "Aice" De Jesus

    Customer Experience Specialist

  • Tricia "Zeki" Sagayno

    Tricia "Zeki" Sagayno

    Customer Experience Specialist


  • Kevin Grow

    Kevin Grow

    Director of Marketing

  • Eric Gardner

    Eric Gardner

    Prospect Index Director

  • Josiah Donat

    Josiah Donat

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Cooper Olson

    Cooper Olson

    Partnerships Sales Manager

  • Jack Borman

    Jack Borman

    Marketing + Data Analyst

  • Sofia Jordan

    Sofia Jordan

    Graphic Design Specialist

  • Lena Wells

    Lena Wells

    Social Media + Marketing Analyst

Software Engineering

  • Travis Anderson

    Travis Anderson

    Software Engineering Manager

  • Alex Afriyie

    Alex Afriyie

    Project Manager

  • Jackson Kaufman

    Jackson Kaufman

    WordPress Engineer

  • Anthony Peruzzo

    Anthony Peruzzo

    Senior WordPress Engineer

  • TJ Baker

    TJ Baker

    Laravel Engineer