Prep Dig adds Michelle Bamford as Business Relationship Manager

Prep Network announced the hiring of Michelle Bamford as Prep Dig’s Business Relationship Manager in March 2024.

Michelle’s journey through volleyball began at UC Davis, where she not only played the sport but also served as a student recruiter, showcasing her multifaceted dedication to the game and her community. Her expertise in volleyball spans diverse levels, from high school to club and collegiate realms. Drawing from her recruitment experiences during her own high school and club play, Michelle brings a unique perspective to the sport. With over two decades of coaching experience at both high school and club levels, her commitment to nurturing young talents is unmistakable.

Michelle’s active engagement in the volleyball scene is palpable as she continuously learns from coaches and players by attending practices and games regularly. Her passion for the sport has led her to establish Coachable247, a dedicated platform providing mentorship and training for aspiring athletes. Beyond her professional pursuits, Michelle’s devotion to sports and mentorship extends to her family life. Her three high school-aged daughters actively participate in an impressive five different varsity sports, a testament to the values of athleticism and teamwork instilled by their mother.

Michelle is thrilled to be a part of the Prep Network team as the Business Relationship Manager for Prep Dig, where she looks forward to leveraging her expertise and passion to foster connections and support aspiring athletes.