Our Event Coverage

Event Coverage


In an effort to be transparent on what to expect from our website from a coverage perspective, we are sending you this message today to outline how our Scouts/Writers approach event coverage and what steps our editorial team takes to ensure trustworthy coverage at Prep Network hosted events. 

Our Scouts’ approach to event coverage is simple: Come into the event fully prepared, with enthusiasm, and write honestly.

Here’s what we do to ensure this:
  • Our Scouts are encouraged to cover as many different players as possible at the event. Overall, our goal is to spread our coverage around — evenly covering highly-touted Division I prospects and Division III recruits, alike. That approach remains at the top of mind during events.
    • This does not mean we can realistically cover every player at the event. We do, however, promise that our scouts are actively searching out new prospects to cover throughout the day by jumping around and scheduling themselves to see a variety of teams and players.
  • Our Scouts are equipped with player packets before the event to make sure they know the name, height, and school of every player in attendance. 
  • Our Scouts are equipped with photos of players after the event. These will be used on the website in stories that cover the event.
  • Our Scouts are encouraged to post as many recap articles after the event as possible, to ensure expansive coverage. These articles are shared with our subscriber base, which includes collegiate coaches of all levels.
  • Our Scouts are encouraged to be active users of social media while at the event, in order to call attention to standout performers in real-time. Scouts balance this social media element with note taking that helps in the writing process later on, which is to say that we cannot tweet out every highlight.
    • To view social media content, please follow the website’s account and our Scouts’ accounts.
  • Our Scouts are never told who to cover. They use their own perspective as scouts to develop their analysis and spot noteworthy traits to write about.
  • We do not employ Scouts with a known bias toward or against certain players. We seek to cover players on merit alone. Buying a subscription to our website does not ensure preferential treatment from our Scouts. In fact, our Scouts don’t even know who does and doesn’t subscribe.
Thank you for choosing Prep Network. We wish you and your athlete the best of luck!   NOTE: If your athlete is traveling across state lines, we assure you that all paywalled articles your athlete is included in will appear on your home state’s website.