Prep Network announces first hockey site with Prep Hockey Minnesota

Prep Network announced this week the launch of their 60th website and the first site dedicated to the coverage of high school hockey. Prep Hockey Minnesota was formally introduced on Wednesday, October 16, but the vision began long before then.

“Anyone following athletics in Minnesota knows what a big deal high school hockey is,” Editor in Chief Jared Nelson said. “Newspaper coverage is decent and there’s a vibrant message-board community here, but we wanted to blend our player-driven coverage and rankings with the fervor of the hockey scene.” Nelson added that he was able to strike a perfect balance with the lead contributors for Prep Hockey MN.

Ryan Williamson did the heavy-lifting with the rankings and Ricky Campbell chipped in with excellent analysis on players throughout the east metro. Both Williamson and Campbell have comprehensive backgrounds in journalism and consider themselves passionate junkies of the high school hockey scene in Minnesota.

The site will continue the Prep Network model of player-driven analysis and comprehensive prospect rankings aimed at providing visibility for as many players as possible. The mission, in part, includes trying to enhance the high school hockey experience for players, coaches, and fans.

You can see the coverage and rankings online now at