Prep Network Unveils 2021 Rebrand

Minneapolis, MN — Prep Network announced the completion of its 2021 rebrand last week.

The original block-letter font was replaced with a modern & sleek typeface. Prep Network’s mission and commitment to the sports community remains the same. In 2021 and beyond, Prep Network will provide value and visibility to as many players as possible.

250+ Prep Network scouts around the country publish 3000+ articles each month, aimed at providing unparalleled exposure for players to our 500+ college-coach subscribers.

In addition to written coverage, Prep Network events hosts thousands of teams and tens of thousands of athletes. Giving participants a first-class event experience is a top priority, along with providing a platform for athletes to be seen by media and college coaches at each event.

It’s not just Division I prospects, either. No player is off-limits at Prep Network as the company sets out to enhance the high school athletics experience for student athletes and maximize their visibility to colleges at all levels.

What is new with the logo(s)?

The combination of italicized text and an angled sport icon represent our commitment to forward motion. Prep Network looks forward to pursuing this growth by bringing its websites and events to new heights in the next calendar year.

The state logos for each brand have been updated to feature a more modern typeface while paying homage to the hyperlocal approach taken with our coverage model.

Prep Network is the authority for high school sports news and information in the country and there are no plans on stopping anytime soon.

Each state logo features the new secondary brand logo over the top of the outline of the state they represent. In order to bring this elite level of detail and coverage, Prep Network’s commitment to employing credible and dedicated scouts in each market remains the same.

“Our marketing team and specifically our graphic designer, Josiah Donat, did a phenomenal job with the rebrand process,” said CEO Jake Phillips. “As we close in on the ten year anniversary of our first website, we are excited to unveil a fresh look as we start our second decade in covering prep athletes at ALL levels.”

The new logos can be found displayed throughout each website, and on social media as we look forward to exponential growth in the coming years!