Donat vs. Nelson: Prep Network Wiffleball World Series

In what looks to be a battle for the ages, the Prep Network Wiffleball World Series begins on Thursday, September 21st. Between Team Donat and Team Nelson, there looks to be plenty of firepower in this first annual battle of the office.

Team Donat, led by the hottest bat in the league, Jack Borman, looks to use their strength to power through the tough pitching of Team Nelson. The 3-4-5 hitters of Peter ZurnJared Martinson, and Taylor Borgerding will be tough for any team to get through without damage. 

Look out for the slick double-play combo of Josiah Donat and Cooper Olson, who are a great 1-2 punch up the middle. However, the key to the game for Team Donat is certainly the outfield of Danielle Hall and Julie Hanken. The duo have done their best this season at keeping runs off the board with their stellar defense.

Jake “The CEO” Phillips will take the mound for Team Nelson, coming off the back of another strong season at the helm of Prep Network. The battery of Phillips and All-Star catcher Travis Anderson should be able to slow down the hot Team Donat offense.

Speedster Jared Nelson will man Center Field along with Jenna Wetzel, who is having a record-breaking season in outfield assists. 

The bats will need to get hot, but the top of the order is starting to get going late this year with Sofia JordanDillon Bergloff, and Jake Schley leading off the World Series. The key to the game for Team Nelson is Bowling Green alum, Jake “Uncle” Lemming. He’s got the best bat in the game and can change things with one swing.  

This all gets underway tomorrow evening in Plymouth, Minnesota. Be sure to check out BallerTV if you can’t make it. Use the code “Borman2023WS” for 10% off your subscription.

Team Donat:

SS – Josiah Donat

2B – Cooper Olson

1B – Peter Zurn

SP – Jared Martinson

3B – Taylor Borgerding

C – Jack Borman

OF – Danielle Hall

OF – Julie Hanken 

Team Nelson

3B – Sofia Jordan

2B – Dillon Bergloff

SS – Jake Schley

1B – Jake “Uncle” Lemming

OF – Jared Nelson

C – Travis Anderson

OF – Jenna Wetzel

SP – Jake Phillips